The Most Advanced CAD/CAM Technology

We bring more than a decade of experience utilizing the most innovative CAD/CAM technology, and are always looking ahead to find ways to save you time and resources.

Our highly trained technicians assist our customers using CAD/CAM in a variety of ways. You can simply send us a cast or measurements to be input into our CAD system, or, if you own the front-end equipment, you can email a completed file for production.

CAD/CAM using your cast

One of the easiest ways to use CAD/CAM without the investment is to send a cast of your patient to O&P1 for modification and fabrication. Take the cast of your patient in much of the same manner you normally would, fill out the O&P1 work order and measurement sheet and we’ll do the rest.

CAD/CAM to measurement

Tired of spending hours modifying transfemoral casts only to end up with something that doesn’t fit your patient? If so, then CAD/CAM to measurement is for you.

A set of measurements takes only a few minutes to complete, eliminating the need for a cast. Follow the instructions below and we will be able to create a socket that gets you to a quick starting point.

The socket is only as good as your measurements so please follow the instructions step-by-step.

Measurements needed:

  • Ischium to distal end.
  • Perineum to distal end.
  • Starting with your zero level at perineum, take circumferences every 2 inches. (Every 1 inch is the limb is very short.)
  • Other information needed:
  • Left or right side.
  • Brim style.
  • Other length and circumferential measurements if setting up and/or finishing the prosthesis.

CAD/CAM – your CAD, our CAM

If you have a front-end system using TracerCAD or Shapemaker, we can be your fabrication support.

Create the model your way, include fabrication specifications in your email or fax us a work order and we’ll take it from there. Most new CAD/CAM users prefer this method because it frees them from the financial commitment of a carver (usually $35,000 to $100,000) and eliminates hiring new staff to maintain and run the equipment.