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We are the leader in the custom orthotics and prosthetics industry. Our highly-skilled and certified ABC technicians will provide you with the best custom-made products and the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

orthotics & Prosthetics one: the most advanced cad/com technology

We bring more than a decade of experience utilizing the most innovative CAD/CAM technology, and are always looking ahead to find ways to save you time and resources.
CAD/CAM using your cast

One of the easiest ways to use CAD/CAM without the investment is to send a cast of your patient to O&P1 for modification and fabrication. Take the cast of your patient in much of the same manner you normally would, fill out the O&P1 work order and measurement sheet and we’ll do the rest.

CAD/CAM to measurement

Tired of spending hours modifying transfemoral casts only to end up with something that doesn’t fit your patient? If so, then CAD/CAM to measurement is for you.

A set of measurements takes only a few minutes to complete, eliminating the need for a cast. Follow the instructions below and we will be able to create a socket that gets you to a quick starting point.

The socket is only as good as your measurements so please follow the instructions step-by-step.

Measurements needed:

  • Ischium to distal end.

  • Perineum to distal end.

  • Starting with your zero level at perineum, take circumferences every 2 inches. (Every 1 inch is the limb is very short.)

  • Other information needed:

  • Left or right side.

  • Brim style.

  • Other length and circumferential measurements if setting up and/or finishing the prosthesis.

CAD/CAM – your CAD, our CAM

If you have a front-end system using TracerCAD or Shapemaker, we can be your fabrication support.

Create the model your way, include fabrication specifications in your email or fax us a work order and we’ll take it from there. Most new CAD/CAM users prefer this method because it frees them from the financial commitment of a carver (usually $35,000 to $100,000) and eliminates hiring new staff to maintain and run the equipment.

Place your order now

Whether you place an order to us using your own measurements, by having us digitize your casts, or by submitting a CAD/CAM file via e-mail, our technicians are highly trained and ready to serve your needs.