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We are the leader in the custom orthotics and prosthetics industry. Our highly-skilled and certified ABC technicians will provide you with the best custom-made products and the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

partner with the Central fabrication leader: why we're number one

To be No. 1 is a lofty goal. It takes ambition, action and a competitive spirit. We not only have the drive to be your No. 1 orthotic and prosthetic provider, we’ll surpass it every day.

So, what does being No. 1 look like?

It’s our:

Top-rated staff who bring decades of experience. No matter how technical you are, O&P1 has a staff of ABC Certified Technicians ready to serve your needs. We maintain communication from start to completion, to assure that you get exactly what you expect, every time.

Ability to create the best custom orthotic and prosthetic products. Since every device is custom-fabricated to fit your individual patient’s needs, our professional staff works closely with the practitioner to establish precise design criteria.

The very best components and instruments. We use the most innovative and advanced technologies and highest quality products to provide your patients with the most comfort.

Incredibly fast turnaround times. Rest assured, we’re the fastest in the industry.

Competitive cost. You’ll find that we offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Additionally, working with O&P1 is much more cost effective than fabricating the custom orthotic and prosthetic products in-house.

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